The Ride

Wheelhouse is Ottawa’s premier indoor cycling experience. The spin studio you didn’t know you needed, we pump our music loud and keep our lights low. Our signature ride is designed to challenge your body and strengthen your mind. We keep it tight by incorporating speed and endurance work with targeted movements and full body toning. We get it right with 45 minutes of cardio sweat. We know what you’re thinking. And ya, you’re gonna look good naked.

The Vibe

The lights come low, the music gets high...the energy is ELECTRIC. This is NOT your average spin class. We ride as one, guided by the beat and inspired by the pack. Each instructor brings their own vibe and their own playlist. Whether you’re feelin' soulful or savage...we’ve got a ride for that.

The Ask

This is your time and your ride. We ask that you leave your day at the door and everything else in our lockers (digital locks, natch). We recommend arriving 10 minutes early to check in, book your bike and get settled. We know our classes are hard, so we make everything else easy. Need a hair elastic? Help with your bike set-up? A pep talk? No worries. We got you. More questions... right here.