Meet Dave.

Fav WH Moment?

My favourite moment was also my worst nightmare; I arrived to Kayla's 6:30pm Monday class (my 2nd ride, ever) with one minute to spare. I barely knew how to adjust my bike, clip in, stay on beat, follow the moves, or generally remain alive for those 50 minutes and I would need to ride side row due to my lateness. I was not honoured by it, Kanye. To make matters worse, Kayla felt the need to introduce me as "her friend from college" and, since then, I have been exclusively referred to as "Dave from College" by the WH community. 

Signature Move?

I really love trying to keep my legs on beat during weight tracks. Is that considered choreography? Whatever that shit is hard! I also have a pretty sick bike dismount...

Your undeniable jam?

Just one? Fuck. I have three; (1) Lose Yourself by Eminem - fav jogging track, (2) We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus - fav dark track, and (3) when Erin V ends class with The Middle by Jimmy Eat World - because deep down I'm just an early-2000s emo kid. 

Last show you crushed on Netflix?

Just finished 13 Reasons Why and have all the feels. Master of None Season 2 on deck. 

When you’re not at Wheelhouse, where can we find you?

I'm not hard to find as I spend about 50% of my time working at Bridgehead next door. I own a product design and marketing firm called Soshal and our office is, like, 1 minute down the street above Supply and Demand. I live on Parkdale so I literally never leave Wellington Village. 

If you didn’t call Ottawa home, where would you be?

You'd find me in La Jolla, San Diego, eating nothing but fish tacos and gelato. 

Post-spin ritual? 

I usually spin before either going to a Judo class or for a 5k - 10k run so the ritual consists of rushing home, foam rolling, slamming back a protein shake, and evaluating my life decisions. 

Celebrity Parents?

Daniel Craig (because, man crush) and Meghan Markle (because, feminism...and colour balancing). 


"If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well it were done quickly" - Macbeth

(Read: get to work.)