Meet Shannon.



Fav WH Moment?

Dang!!! It's definitely between WH vs 'Lemonade' or the 'Live DJ' ride with Illo & Laura.

Signature Move?

Love the pump, dip, 4 corners combo.

Your undeniable jam?

'Lady don't tek no' by Latyrx.  Hands down. This is the standard to which any track attempting to worship women should strive for.  And just try to sit still through those killer beats.

Last show you crushed on Netflix?

'Happy Valley'.  The lead character is such a powerhouse!  I also fell in love with 'The Get Down'.

When you’re not at Wheelhouse, where can we find you?

Hanging with Dave, Milla and Kevin Bacon (the border terrier!), napping (I wish) or working to deliver on JT's commitment to legalize pot (ed note: this babe works for Health Canada). Also devising ways to make NSFW clothing into totally office appropriate outfits (layers), contemplating new tattoos (more fruit??), feeding my historical fiction addiction (love me some cancon), and debating salad or poutine for dinner (extremes only).



If you didn’t live in Ottawa, where would you call home?

For a mostly-homebody, I can find home anywhere.  There are places I feel a ton of nostalgia for, but I don't get overly attached or sentimental.  If I'm with good people who are open minded, kind, smart, funny AF, I'm home (like WH!).  But you know, anywhere by the ocean and away from our winter temps would be cool too.

Post-spin ritual? 

Coffee, food, shower...but it should be stretching & water.  I need way more of both in my life.

Celebrity Parents (Like what two celebrities would need to get together to make ya?)

Al Franken and Tina Turner


"Compare & despair" .Stuart Smalley