So you’ve registered for your first ride...ummm, YES! Here’s what you need to know:

Spin is for ALL cardio backgrounds, so whether you’ve run a marathon or just streamed one on Netflix...it’s all good. With the ability to adjust the resistance level on the bike, the workout can be tailored to individual fitness levels. Your cardio and choreo build ride by ride. It takes about 5 rides to get the hang of things and 10 rides to find your groove. Listen to your body first, the instructor second. You've got this!


We ask that you check-in with our Front Desk to book your bike. At Wheelhouse we ride to the rhythm and know that the energy of the front row has a direct effect on the energy of the room. If you’re new or just feel like doing your own thing, please pick a bike in the back.


Arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the start of class to allow yourself time to grab water, shoes and for bike set-up. If you are not at the studio 5 minutes before the class begins, your bike may be released to a rider on the waitlist. There are no late entries into the studio once class begins.


We are a full service boutique spin studio. Lockers are provided, as well as changerooms and showers. Riders can fill up their own water bottle at our filtered hydration station. Towels and shoes are available for rental. More questions? Click here