Driving with the windows down? At the cottage turning up?

Take our beats off the bike and wherever life takes ya this summer. Here's what we're playin'...


"It's gotta be Amine & Missy's 'REDMERCEDES (Remix)'. That beat? That 'f*** you, pay me' line? If you play this around me you better clear off your table ASAP...I'm about to dance on it." - LAURA


"Mark one down for 'Congratulations' by Post Malone. It just says congratulations like 18 times and I'm here for anything that makes me feel like I've accomplished something." - JEN


"OMG 'Express Yourself' by Major Lazer FOR SURE! You CANNOT NOT dance to it." - LYNDARAE


"Ok ok ok...It's obvs 'Wild Thoughts' because RiRi (duh)+ a hint of 90's R&B = PERFECTION. Also Carlos Santana." - ERIN V