I joked recently to Nadine and Heather that I am 80% pizza. If you are questioning whether that is possible, I can assure you that it is.

A lot of people like to make resolutions to start a new year, and if that’s you, that’s awesome. I admire you. However, it just hasn’t ever worked for me, because I am stubborn and change is hard for me. To improve my eating habits, I need realistic changes, and I have trouble restricting myself severely when it comes to food. This girl cannot survive on tiny portions forever.

In comes the real food reset by nutritionist Stephanie Kay. This is the second year Stephanie has done the real food reset for Wheelhouse Cycle, and I had the opportunity to take part in the month-long process last year.

I won’t go into a ton of detail, but Stephanie guided the participants to break some habits (replacing white bread with sourdough or sprouted bread for me), learn some new, healthy recipes (the slow cooker butter chicken was a big hit with my husband Aaron and I) and in the end, yes, I did lose a lot of weight/inches. I have (mostly, see pizza comment above) been able to keep off the pounds and inches, but to be honest after the real food reset I not only FELT significantly better about what I was eating, I was also appropriately fuelled to survive more jog tracks during a Wheelhouse Cycle spin class. Need to hear from the expert? Read about the real food reset in the words of Red herself!

After all of this I don’t think it is legit to let all of you go on this adventure by yourselves, so I will be joining you and Stephanie Kay again this year on the real food reset.

Come. Join me. Email us at to register.

Yours in spin,