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As I have said before, Wheelhouse Cycle is not all about that RIDE, but also about community, and giving back to charities that are important to us and our riders. You may ask how we do that…

WHAT?! You don’t know about our giv’er rides?

Function: Verb
Etymology: Canadian, particular to rural areas, especially Lanark County Ontario and most of Alberta; An amalgam of the words give and her; made popular by movie “FUBAR”
1. Going all out and/or balls to the wall to take care of business as quickly and as awesomely as possible
2. Acting in a way that is like you’re rocking out really hard, but at the same time, trying to solve a problem that may or may not involve drop-kicking something without hesitation

Our giv’er rides are just like a regular spin class at Wheelhouse. 45 minutes of sweaty dancing on that bike, with 5 minutes of stretching and cool-down. BUT THEN. A warm feeling washes over you. While part of that can be attributed to that amazing class that you just experienced, you also realize that you just donated to a local charity! (You, and each and every one in the class).

Incredible, right? Ride the class, donate to charity. That’s it! Wheelhouse donates ALL of the proceeds from the WEEKLY ride for three months at a time to a registered charity that is picked by our riders. While there is a suggested donation, you can donate as much as you like. And our donor for Winter 2017, as chosen by you – is Dress for Success Ottawa! A little bit about them:

“Since opening their doors in January 2011, Dress for Success Ottawa has provided support to 1000 women. What these women have in common is that they want to work and are ready to make positive change for themselves and their families. But, through challenging circumstances, they may have forgotten, or may never have known, that they are important, valuable members of our community who have a lot to offer potential employers. Dress for Success suits women for employment, from the inside out.”

Get sweaty and give money to charity. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Yours in spin,