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Nadine and Heather will be the first to tell you that the magic that happens at Wheelhouse is because of our community. Each of you, the friends you bring, the friends you make – the love of music, of fitness, and of SPIN of course – makes Wheelhouse what it is.

That community is so much larger than the walls of the studio, and we all love being able to share the things that keep us going all year round. Even though this happens regularly via InstagramFacebook and Twitter, we have traditionally taken the month of December to surprise some of our riders with gifts from us to you to thank you for making THIS (gestures widely) happen.

We call it getting “Oprah-ed” (MINUS THE CARS), and you may have seen some of those lovely gifts in studio and on our social media – but we wanted to take the opportunity to shout-out these amazing businesses and give you a chance to get that “Oprah-ed” feeling throughout the year!

For this post, we wanted to highlight those places that can help you with that extra important cross-training. You may have noticed that recently Heather – #girlboss, blonde bombshell, spin instructor guru – has set herself a goal to do 52 yoga classes in 2017 (one a friggin week!) in *addition* to all of her regular spinning and uber mom duties.

Where does Heather go to get her OM on? To our friends at Yogatown and Pure Yoga of course!

Heather: Why do I yoga? I have the tendency to always be moving – body and mind; always planning what’s next. Yoga forces me to slow down and connect to what I already have and who I already am. But what makes Pure Yoga and Yogatown special is their beautiful & welcoming environment and their incredible instructors and staff – their strong practice and their strong sense of community.

So what better time than in the middle of a cold and dark February in Ottawa to join Heather and get your yoga on?! Stretch out from those jogs, those interval tracks and those pumps and dips.

Living that sweat life,