By: Stephanie Kay,

When you are in and out of the saddle day after day, what you eat before and after your workout will most certainly impact how well you perform and how quickly you can recover for your next ride. By eating the right foods at the right time, you can ensure you stay on track to reaching your health goals. Although making your own snacks at home is always the best option sometimes we just don’t have time, so here are some Red approved pre and post workout eats in the 'hood.


What you eat before your workout can have a big impact on your energy levels and performance. A well-balanced meal two to three hours before your workout can help ensure you are fuelled, however grabbing a small pre-workout snack can help to boost performance as well. Opt for a snack 30-60 minutes before you workout for maximum benefit, and ensure that what you are choosing is something your body is familiar with and easily digested. The last thing you want is cramping while you are in the middle of track 5 on that bike!

1. Pop into Herb & Spice for a single serving of La Bergerie Des Sable yogurt and a local apple, or grab a Lara Bar for the ultimate natural carbohydrate boost.

2. Book your bike and then run next door to grab a Seed Bar from our neighbours at Bridgehead; this handheld version of trail mix provide a small source of protein and a quick release carbohydrates. Got a few extra minutes? Try their Chia Seed Pudding for the ultimate preworkout snack, and a little shot of caffeine pre-workout never hurt anybody either.

3. If you are looking for something a little bit lighter on the stomach, head to Thyme & Again for their Vegetable Bento Box loaded with raw veggies and their delicious avocado Green Goddess Dip, or for a pre-workout meal try their Fruit & Yogurt Cup with local yogurt, local granola and local apples. But do your best to pass the fridge of sweet treats, at least until postride.


There are three goals to post-workout nutrition: Refuel, Rebuild and Rehydrate. The most important postworkout nutrients are protein, carbohydrates and water. Your body requires protein to aid with muscle synthesis and carbohydrates to replace muscle glycogen (energy). While you don’t need to run home and rush directly to the fridge after a workout, ideally you want to consume a recovery meal or snack within 1 hour of your workout.

1. Starved? After pumping and dipping for 50 minutes you sure can burn up an appetite, so head to The Table and pack your plate with a pay-by-weight meal of plant-based proteins, fresh vegetables and whole grain dishes from local farmers.

2. For a high-protein snack on the go, grab the Protein Bento at Thyme & Again; it is the protein packed with 2 hard boiled eggs, edamame, smoked salmon and rice crackers, and grab a Flow Water on your way out for extra hydration.

3. If you are an early riser or riding on the weekend, nothing says post-workout meal like a brunch so run (or walk) over to Bagelshop for a Full Breakfast or Omelette with roasted spuds, fresh fruit, and opt for their nine grain or spelt bagel for the very best quality.