Meet Gabrielle.


Fav WH Moment?

The first time I got "Oprah'ed"! First, I didn’t know that it was happening at WH and second, I wasn’t familiar with the reference. It was in Erin V’s class and the song she played during our stretchings at the end was 'Iris' by the Goo Goo Dolls. I was like, but why is she playing such a sad/cheesy song?  Then, about 30 seconds after the song started, Sylvia stormed into class like an adorable elf, with a christmas song playing in the back to shower us with swag. YESSS! Sad songs and gifts?! IT WAS THE BEST.

Signature Move?

One half-time pump then two real-time!

Your undeniable jam?

NON ! This one is so hard. I feel like it’s something that is constantly changing for me, since I listen to a lot of music. Currently, my favorite track is 'Solid Wall of Sound' by A Tribe Called Quest (local, represent!)

Last show you crushed on Netflix?

Arrested Development, and it must be my 5th time. Hillarious, smart, absurd and I just can’t get enough of those very subtle jokes. I am also binge-watching Homeland.

When you’re not at Wheelhouse, where can we find you?

At home. I enjoy cooking as it’s a stress reliever for me. Otherwise, I love going to concerts to check out new bands in smaller music festivals. You can also find me walking my beautiful chocolate lab, Camille, in Gatineau Park (I live right by it).

CAMPING! During my holidays, you can find me in my small orange tent with a friend, or my boyfriend, or Camille. For me, there’s nothing that I enjoy as much as spending days, evenings and nights by a calm lake, reading, messing around with my buddies or cooking on the fire. It is the best way for me to decompress and make the most of my free time.

If you didn’t call Ottawa home, where would you be?

I’ve lived in Hull for many years. Nothing comes to mind as another place I’d call home, but I feel amazing when I am anywhere near the Fleuve Saint-Laurent. Two years ago, I fell in love with the region of Côté Nord while doing a road trip/camping in that area, with all its rivers and vast forests. It's peaceful AF!

Post-spin ritual? 

Go home, shower, make myself a coffee, sit in front of the TV and do my nails (when I’m not too busy, I can change the color everyday)!

Celebrity Parents?

Leslie Knope (the actual character) and Marc Labrèche (it would be quite an honour).


"Il est agréable d’être important, mais il est encore plus important d’être agréable!"

- (I don't know where it comes from, but I got it from my Papa)